Payment methods for your invoice

Information about our different payment methods and options for you to pay your invoices.

Swedish version

Auto payment with credit card

Automatic invoice payment is a convenient way to pay your invoices. You activate the service and register your card easily and securely on Mitt Konto (My Account) at or in the Comviq-app. The payment is then done automatically every month.

Credit card

On Mitt Konto and in the Comviq-app, you can easily pay your invoice with a credit card. We receive your payment immediately, unlike Plusgiro which can take 2-3 days. If you happen to be late with an invoice, payment via Mitt Konto is recommended. We receive the payment the same day and in this way, you can avoid reminder fees (SEK 60).

Remember that you need to actively go in and pay the invoice every month. If you want the invoice to be paid automatically, activate Auto payment through Mitt Konto or the app.


You can also pay your invoice via Swish, on My Account (Mitt Konto) and in the Comviq-app.


PlusGiro payments are done via your bank. The info you need are found on the invoice. Keep in mind that it can take 2-3 days from when you registered your payment until we receive it.


You order E-invoice via your internet bank. The invoice comes in a digital form directly to your bank account and the only thing you need to do is check and approve the payment.

Direct debit

At the moment we do not offer payment via direct debit, but you can conveniently pay your invoice via auto payment.

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