Invoice guide - How to read the invoice

Invoice (Faktura)

In the pink box on, the front page of the invoice, you find all the details needed to pay the invoice on time.

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  1. Amount to pay: The total sum of your costs and the amount you have to pay.
  2. Due date: The date by which an invoice must be paid at the latest. If you do not pay your invoice on time, you risk an invoice reminder fee (60 SEK). The service may also be suspended until the payment has reached us.
  3. OCR/Invoice number: A unique number for each invoice.
  4. PlusGiro: The PlusGiro account you pay to.
  5. Invoice date: Date when the invoice was created.
  6. Customer number: Customer number is the unique identifier for whom the invoice applies. It is automatically assigned when you become a customer. You use the customer number if you want to connect to E-invoice.

Invoice specification (Fakturaspecifikation)

On the invoice specification you will find more detailed information about your invoice.

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  1. Subscriptions: Here you see what subscriptions you have connected to the customer number. You can find the monthly cost on the right.
  2. Installment hardware: Here you see any phone model you are paying off. You can see the monthly cost on the right and it depends on the length of your installment.
  3. Other: This shows other costs from for example:
  • International calls or roaming/data usage abroad
  • Purchase of apps, tickets or paid services
  • Reminder fee
  • Credit change
  1. Rounding to the nearest 50 öre: In order for the total amount to be in even SEK, an adjustment is made.
  2. Total sum: The total sum of your costs and the amount you have to pay.

For a total invoice overview, see our sample invoice.

Where can I find my invoice?

You can always find your invoices under payment on Mitt Konto (My Account) at and in the Comviq app. There you can also pay with Swish or Kontokort and activate auto payment. Then the invoice is paid automatically every month. Log in with BankID or your email address.

The invoice can also be sent via email (keep an eye on the spam filter), as a paper invoice via letter or as an E-invoice to your internet bank. It depends on the invoice delivery method you have chosen.

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