Another amount than expected on the invoice

Swedish version

Recently started or ended your subscription

If you just started or ended your subscription, the invoice is sometimes higher than expected. This is usually due to the fact that you then pay for a longer invoice period i.e. for more than 30 days on one and the same invoice. Always double check how many days are stated in the invoice period on the specific invoice.

Changes to the subscription

If you recently made changes to your subscription, the invoice amount may be higher than expected. For example, when you:

  • changed from promotional price to regular price,
  • completed a service
  • or switch to collective invoice.

Under the specification on your invoice (Fakturaspecifikation), you find detailed information about the service, time period and amount. Always double check and compare the different lines and the days included.

You can always find your invoices as a PDF in My Account (Mitt Konto) or in the Comviq app.


When transferring a subscription, you may receive a different invoice amount than normal. Depending on when in the month in which the transfer was made, the person who takes over the subscription usually receives a higher amount on the invoice than usual and the person who had the subscription previously usually receives a lower amount on the invoice.

International calls and surf abroad

When you call to or from abroad, it may lead to higher costs. The same applies if you surf abroad. On the invoice specification (Fakturaspecifikation), under Other (Övrigt), any extra costs related to international calls, roaming (surf) and SMS are listed.

See our international prices (link in Swedish).

Apps, paid services and tickets

If you bought extra services such as mobile games and apps or paid a parking ticket, this may lead to a higher invoice than usual. Extra services can be found under Other (Övrigt) on the invoice specification.

NOTE: If you have questions, contact the company you purchased the extra service/product from.

Reminder fees

If your invoice is not paid on time, you may receive a reminder fee of SEK 60 the following month. Any extra fees, such as reminder fees, can be found under Other (Övrigt) on the invoice specification (Fakturaspecifikation).

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