Activate cost limit on your mobile subscription

If you have a mobile subscription you can use our cost limit (Maxpris) to avoid surprises and unnecessary costs. What the service does, is that it blocks your subscription from extra costs such as international calls, purchases or paid calls. Your free calls, SMS and MMS within Sweden are of course still available, so are any international minutes included in your subscription.

How to activate a cost limit (Maxpris)

You activate Maxpris in My Account (Mitt Konto), under the payment menu option (Betalning). Select settings (inställningar) and then cost limit (Maxpris). There you can easily choose how much (in addition to your mobile subscription) you should be able to use for other services. This means that the extra costs on your invoice can never be greater than the cost limit you choose.

You can choose from the following limits:

  • +0 SEK (no additional costs)
  • +200 SEK
  • +300 SEK
  • +500 SEK

The cost limit is activated immediately when you turn it on. But remember that purchases and costs incurred before activation will be charged on the following month's invoice.

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