Roaming - Using data abroad

Swedish version

When you use mobile data abroad, it's called roaming. Roaming prices differ from country to country.

When you have arrived to your destination, you will receive an SMS showing prices and information on how you can easily buy various international packages.

Within the EU/EES

Most of our mobile subscriptions, and price plans for prepaid SIM cards, includes a certain amount of data for usage within the EU/EES.

The rest of the world

If you have a GO subscription, or a prepaid card, you need to use +Saldo or one of our variable price plans (Amigos, Kompis, Standard or BAS) to be able to call, text and use mobile data when you are outside of EU/EES. You can use the balance to buy data packages within each country. You can buy +Saldo on or in the Comviq-app.

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