Get started with prepaid

A short guide on how to get started with your Prepaid SIM card

1. Insert your SIM card

The Prepaid SIM card is a triple SIM that fits all units, old and new. You simply push out the size that fits your phone, alarm or router. Save the other parts, they can come in handy if you need to use your SIM card in another unit.

2. Register and activate the SIM card

When you order a Prepaid SIM card at, the card is automatically registered.

If you have picked up the Prepaid SIM card at a Comviq retailer, you first need to register the prepaid SIM card before you can start using it.

Register here with BankID or Photo-ID via Veriff

3. Make a refill

It's easy to make a refill here on You just enter your mobile number, select a price plan and pay with Swish or Credit card.

Refill on

You can also top-up your Prepaid SIM card at a Comviq retailer such as: ATG agents, ICA, Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven, Circle K and OKQ8.

4. Get started with My Account (Mitt Konto)

  • If you do not have an account, create an account with email and password.
  • Add your Prepaid SIM card to your account by clicking "Lägg till kontantkort" on the overview. It is important that the SIM card has been refilled and in a unit that can receive SMS.
  • Type in your phone number and trigger the SMS-code
  • Enter the SMS-code

5. Download the Comviq app

You will always browse the Comviq app for free, even if you run out of data. In the app, you can do top-ups, keep track of your usage and see balances as well as change settings such as voicemail and hidden number. Download the app and give it a try!

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Our app for Android

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